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Mental Health Consulting

Looking to enhance workplace wellness?

We can help.

We partner with organizations to advance workplace wellness through personalized services, integrating an intersectional approach to mental health. Our bread & butter include: 

Leadership Training

We offer trainings for executives and managers to help in developing human-centered skills such as leading with empathy, active listening, psychological safety, burnout prevention, stress management, and effective communication. 

Crisis Management

We provide support to companies in managing crises in the workplace, including responding to traumatic world events, the death of an employee, or during layoffs.

Organization Development

We collaborate with organizations to foster sustainable growth and equity by enhancing their structural framework, including communication guidelines, community agreements, feedback systems, meeting structures, mission and value statements, and accountability and reconciliation processes.

Looking for something targeted?

You're at the right place. 

We offer customized consulting services based on the specific needs and challenges of each client. Examples from previous partnerships include:


  • Focus group facilitation

  • Off-site retreat facilitation 

  • 1:1 bias mitigation coaching 

  • Employee resource group programming 

  • Organizational development advising 

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