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Individual Therapy

I specialize in bringing a decolonial psychology* lens to all things work-related. 
I enjoy collaborating with clients on:
  • Work-related stress 
  • Burnout
  • Boundaries
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-acceptance
  • Relationship dynamics
  • Conflict transformation
  • Values-aligned work
  • Ethically leading and managing people
  • Identifying and honoring your needs + limits 

What I have found is that we tend to replicate family attachment dynamics into other systems including the workplace. Usually these dynamics served a very important purpose in helping us survive and cope within our family system. As adults, some of these leftover automatic thoughts and behaviors no longer serve us and may even contradict our desires.
We will work together to explore some of these automatic patterns, identifying core wounds and expressing stored emotions in a compassionate and affirming environment. Next we will explore your updated adult needs, wants, desires, limits, values, and dreams. With intention, you will start to slowly integrate this information into your daily life and start leading and living with purpose.
I have experience working with:
  • Founders and co-founders
  • Business owners
  • Community leaders
  • Organizational leaders 
  • Historically underrepresented professionals (BIPOC, Queer & Trans, Women)
*What is decolonial psychology? 
Decolonial psychology acknowledges the impact of systemic oppression on the health of individuals and communities. 


How much are session?

Sessions are $185 for 50min

How often will we meet?

Therapy is offered on a weekly, bi-weekly or as-needed basis, depending on need. You can stop and resume at your convenience. 

Where will we meet?

Although I am physically located in Tongva Land aka Los Angeles county, my practice is 100% remote. I will send you a calendar invite with a secure Zoom link.

How do I pay?
Credit card or Venmo

Do you accept insurance? 
I am not currently on insurance panels. In insurance language, I am referred to as an "out-of-network provider". If you would like your insurance to contribute to therapy costs, I can provide you with a monthly statement of service called a "super bill" which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please make sure to consult your insurance provider about your level of out-of-network coverage. Some good questions to ask are:
  • Does my plan cover out-of-network mental health services?

  • What are my deductible and co-pay for out-of-network services?

  • What percentage of the cost per session will I be reimbursed for?

  • How many sessions per year are covered?


Schedule a free 20 min consultation 

Consultations are a wonderful way for us to get to know each other before committing to ongoing therapy.


This is your opportunity to share a bit about yourself, what you are looking for, ask me questions, and generally to feel out our connection to see if we'd be a good fit!

Thanks for submitting!

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