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Clinical Coaching

With 10+ years experience as a licensed clinician, 7+ years of supervision experience and 5+ years training and coaching leaders, I offer a unique blend of compassionate therapeutic insights with evidence-based tools to empower both personal and professional growth.

Individual Coaching

Through empathetic listening, targeted interventions, and goal-oriented strategies, my individual coaching sessions provide a confidential and supportive environment for introspection and meaningful change.


Executive Coaching 

Geared towards senior leaders and founders, my executive coaching services blend clinical expertise with leadership development strategies to drive professional excellence and organizational success. By addressing specific leadership challenges, enhancing emotional intelligence, and refining interpersonal skills, I empower leaders to foster team cohesion, and lead with authenticity and impact.


Group Coaching

In my group coaching sessions, clients benefit from the collective wisdom, support, and accountability of peers on similar journeys. Facilitating a dynamic group setting, I foster collaboration, connection, and mutual learning, guiding participants to gain new perspectives, leverage strengths, and navigate shared challenges with confidence and support.


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